Coming soon!

Project AVoCet is still under development, and we are working on many enhancements and additions. For example, soon you will be able to search by taxonomic group, coutry or by recordist. We will also be linking photos of individual birds recorded where possible.

Additional resources coming soon:

(These are recordings now held by Project AVoCet and in various stages of the process of preparation for the website. Many others are being prepared by collaborating recordists or are in the planning stage.)


  • Hundreds of recordings from Malaysia and the Philippines by Frank Lambert
  • Many Thai recordings by Philip Round
  • More Asian recordings by Paul Holt
  • North African and Central Asian recordings by Per Alstrom
  • Philippines recordings by Lisa Pagantalan and videos by Des Allen
  • Hundreds more Asian recordings by Pam Rasmussen


  • Several hundred Ugandan recordings by Kemigisha Harriet
  • A few hundred Cameroon recordings by Benji Jayin Jomi
  • Hundreds more recordings from Uganda by Pam Rasmussen


  • Hundreds of recordings from Queensland and Papua New Guinea (including West New Britain) by Pam Rasmussen

Middle East:

  • Recordings by Per Alstrom
  • Hundreds of recordings from Oman by Pam Rasmussen