Wilson's Snipe, Gallinago delicata

Common Name Wilson's Snipe
Scientific Name Gallinago delicata
Taxonomic Family Scolopacidae
Taxonomic Order Charadriiformes

Ecological Data


Recording #AV 11369, Maryland; near Assateague National Seashore Visitor Center, USA (call)

Sonogram of recording #AV 11369

Recording #AV 14588, Allen Creek, AK, USA (song)

Sonogram of recording #AV 14588

Recording #AV 14692, North Dakota; Burke Co.; Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge, USA (song)

Sonogram of recording #AV 14692

Recording #AV 14803, Saskatchewan; Val Marie, outskirts , Canada (song)

Sonogram of recording #AV 14803