Mourning Sierra-finch, Phrygilus fruticeti

Common Name Mourning Sierra-finch
Alternative common Names Mourning Sierra Finch
Scientific Name Phrygilus fruticeti
Taxonomic Family Emberizidae
Taxonomic Order Passeriformes

Ecological Data


Recording #AV 111, Tucuman; 2.5 miles (straight-line) NW of El Infiernillo, Argentina (song)

Sonogram of recording #AV 111

Recording #AV 122, along Rta. 307 between Tafi del Valle and Ruinas de Quilmes, Argentina (song)

Sonogram of recording #AV 122

Recording #AV 12549, Putre, Chile (song)

Sonogram of recording #AV 12549

Recording #AV 12591, Putre, Chile (song)

Sonogram of recording #AV 12591